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Eric Jensen asked 5 months ago

I’m installing agent on our first member servers(2012 R2) and having an issue.  The installs for all of our domain controllers went perfect.
I have a GPO setup properly and when I install on any of the servers in the OU the GPO is linked to the service won’t start. I’m doing a manual install and do get the message the install completed and the GPO was updated.   When I try to start it in services.msc it pops message “Windows could not start the syslog-ng-Agent servcie on Local Computer. Error 1: Incorrect function.  If I run the installer with a /D these are the last lines output:
[2017-10-11T07:47:22Central Daylight Time] Invalid config version; ConfigVersion
Error parsing main, syntax error, unexpected LL_ERROR, expecting $end in <string
> at line 5, column 1:
Any ideas?
Thanks much!