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HEPIX and syslog-ng

One of the most important discoveries of this decade was the Higgs boson. But researchers at High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics laboratories and institutes would have been unable to find the Higgs boson without the IT staff maintaining the computer infrastructure collecting and analyzing the massive amount of data generated during their experiments. HEPIX is a community that brings together these IT guys twice a year from around the world. This spring their event was hosted by the Wigner Research Centre for Physics in Budapest, where I also talked to faxmodem. He is both a HEPIX member and one of the most active syslog-ng community members:

Process trade data using Python

Upcoming syslog-ng Open Source and Premium Edition releases will feature a Python parser. Learn how to utilize this parser from our webinar. In the demo FIX data is transformed into easy-to-use name-value pairs, but the solution itself is not limited to trade data. You can access the recording of the webinar at (requires registration).

syslog-ng updated on Turris Omnia

The release candidate of version 3.7 of Turris OS – the OpenWRT-based operating system of Turris Omnia routers – is now available. Among many other changes, this updates syslog-ng from version 3.0 to 3.9. In other words, it adds about seven years’ worth of new syslog-ng features, including new parsers, filters, formatting options, destinations, and performance enhancements.

openSUSE conference 2017

Being a long-time openSUSE user, I visit the openSUSE conference not only to present on one of its components – syslog-ng – but also to meet friends and learn about new technologies and the plans for the upcoming year. Some talks, like those about Package Hub, were very interesting and important also from a syslog-ng perspective. Of course, I also joined a few talks for my personal interest, like the one on the new ARM devices supported by openSUSE.
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The next event where you can learn about syslog-ng:

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